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About Us

We met quite randomly about 10 years ago (isn’t it always the way). There was an immediate connection, though neither of us really knew what was going to unfold as we stepped into this friendship. We were participating in a workshop together, where we found ourselves holding space for a third person, and our collaboration just felt right. At that moment, we sowed the seeds of the retreats we were yet to hold. We sowed the seeds of Soul Collaborations. 


The friendship kept opening in a truly synchronistic way, and today we know our first encounter wasn't random at all.


There is a deepening that happens each time we work together. In the unique meetings we have to plan and discuss the retreats, and in all of the retreat spaces themselves. There is growth and transformation for us both in our honest relationship as we ride individually in our own work, and personal spiritual journeys; and then back together again to co-create and weave from this new landscape. The magic of a conscious friendship and working in this way together is a deep honour, and a truly amazing journey to take. 



Suzy has been on a conscious spiritual journey since her early twenties, although believes it started way earlier than this, and was most definitely written in the stars. She feels blessed that her journey kept, and keeps on, unfolding in synchronistic and magical ways. 

It led her from three fantastic yoga teacher training courses, to a three year holistic cookery and counselling course with the International Macrobiotic School.  These passions were able to come together in a unique way when finding somewhere to offer them as services to the world. 

Sunny Brow Farm was manifested in 2009 by herself and her life partner Phil. The renovations since then have led to an ever growing retreat centre, where she has been running successful retreats since 2013.  She has continued to add, over time, to her skill set, with several more trainings in various spiritual practice's. She works hard to live her beliefs and share her passions and discoveries with her family, and people coming to stay at the farm.  She believes that life becomes richer and more rewarding when walking a spiritual path as this has been her experience. It hasn't stop the challenges, but has given an amazing tool kit to surf with.


Jane is drawn to all forms of Wisdom traditions from many cultures and faith paths. She has a special affinity for spiritual practices from indigenous traditions and those that draw her deeply into the mysteries of the natural world. She likes practices that bring her into presence and empower her to stay with the ordinary experiences that make us human. Her apprenticeship with Spirit began in her teens. Without really knowing what she was doing, she sought understanding of both her experiences & inner landscape. What began as a driving curiosity has matured into a faith path of her own that shapes her life in ever changing and ever surprising ways. Jane is passionate about creating spaces where people can sit in circle together to support each other and anchor their spiritual practice in community, even if its just for a day. Her spiritual life is a creative one. She loves words, sound, and a little altar magic. She loves to weave new meditations, workshops, retreats and courses. The beginnings and endings of projects and retreats offer her a way to stay intimate with the central cycles of return and rebirth that shape life.

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