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Retreat Ovierview

Soul Collaborations host three different types of retreats at Sunny Brow Farm. 


Our Sacred Yoga Retreats are created around the practice of yoga and offer lots of yoga classes curated to facilitate your spiritual development. These are suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners of yoga and spirituality. We run these retreats at both midweek (4 nights) and weekends (3 nights) in February, May and October.

We also offer a set of spaces for women called Spirit Woman. Our Spirit Woman 'Retreats' are 3 days in either June or November and are facilitated through cacao ceremony, ritual, and yoga to nourish and support you. These are also suitable for anyone new to yoga, or to spirituality and cacao. Our Spirit Women 'Initiations' are 4 days long in either June or November. They are powerful ceremonial spaces created to offer a deep dive into Self and Spirituality. We recommend that you have previous experience of retreat, ceremony, and/or deeper spiritual self-exploration before booking one of these. 

Our Earth Spirit Lodges include learning spaces as well as ceremonial ones. They are rooted in Earthy spiritual practice and the Medicine Wheel. Our week-long Earth Spirit Lodge is suitable for people with more experience of spiritual practice and self-work.  These are powerful, deeply healing retreats as the whole week allows us to keep opening and unfolding into more of who we are.  There is a sweat lodge ceremony at the heart of the retreat. Our Earth Spirit Winter Lodge retreats are shorter (3 or 4 days) in January and the lodge experience is created through ceremony and ritual. These retreats allow you to take the next step into your Earth Spirit Practice.



In a world that is in need of compassion and embodied love, the path of yoga offers us a way to sacred connectedness with life, each other and ourselves. At this time of social and cultural change and transformation, we are all invited to release old ways of being and to come into right relationship with the Earth and those we love. True yoga offers us a way to yoke Soul and body. It is a pathway that allows us to come to rest in our complete selves so that we might know peace and understanding.

The ancient yogis documented the philosophy of yoga as a way of navigating the mystery of Self and the purpose of life so that we might experience a state of Oneness with all things. Sacred Yoga retreats share this intention. We offer a mixture of healing yoga practices, meditation, sharing and discussion in alignment with these deep philosophies of yoga. 

Each retreat responds to the needs of the people who come, allowing you to strengthen and stretch your body, open your mind and expand your heart. We draw on our extensive experience supporting people to reconnect with who they are meant to be. More than just another yoga retreat, Sacred Yoga offers you the space to transform. The yoga style is largely yin, with some restorative practice and a little hatha flow. The emphasis is on how you can cultivate presence in your practice and with how you can develop both strength and sweetness. The retreats include a complementary healing massage and you can book extras too (at additional cost.)


Calling all wise women, wild women, healers, Earth spirit dreamers & women who dance with the moon. Come join us for ceremonies, journeying, moving beyond your wounding, embracing your body, freeing your voice and sitting in sacred sisterhood. Spirit Woman retreats and initiations offer you a space to hear your Self and to realign with your essence. Birthed with deep awareness of Gaia, woven from myth, and steeped in magic, these retreats offer you a powerful way to come home to all that you are.  

So often, women have received the message that the unique journey of womanhood is best hidden. Together we will celebrate all that makes us whole and honour our femininity as a sacred gift and bring the magic of our experience to the light. 

The 4 day initiations include one-to-one sessions, ceremonies to honour and empower, ritual to recognise the mysteries of the feminine, connection with the Earth, deeply nourishing yoga, time in circle, and a little creativity. Each one is different and follows the energy of the time of year and what is rising through the collective. June dates include a sweat lodge ceremony .

The 3 day retreats include plentiful, yoga, cacao ceremonies, shared circle time, ritual massage and meditation. They are lighter than the initiations but will also take you on a soulful journey to your find and be within your fullest potential. They are positioned just before the initiations in case anyone feels called to do them both together. They make a lovely pair of incredible transformative spaces for a whole week experience.   



Retreat lodges for the purification and honouring of the Earth and your body. Time in circle with Great Spirit, our Earth relatives, the ancestors, your guides and guardians to support your awakening. These retreats aim to awaken your soul memories of ways of walking with Spirit through life and draw on the elements, the medicine wheel and spiritual ideas, wisdom and beliefs that develop your conscious connection with the natural world.
Suzy and I draw on our Earth-rooted transpersonal spiritual practice to co-create dynamic spaces where we can all explore what it means to be incarnate on the Earth here and now. In essence, this is a retreat to explore the nothing, the everything and your earth walk in between.

If you feel it is time to journey more deeply into the transpersonal reality of the dream weave, shed skins, and develop your understanding so that you can further embody your practice; then Earth Spirit Lodge is calling. These retreats maybe for you if you are interested in learning new ways of becoming present through your connection with the natural world or if you are curious about developing your spirituality through the mysteries of creation.


At their heart is the process of our embodiment – so expect deep healing and emotional release. Join us for a unique and magical experience which includes ritual yoga, Earth based spiritual practices, transpersonal healing, ceremony, massage, movement, and cleansing food, on the land and in the sacred studio spaces at Sunny Brow.

Retreat Calendar 2024

All the Sunny Brow Farm Retreats are now split into two – Elemental Retreats and Soul Collaborations. See the calendar below with all the retreats taking place at Sunny Brow Farm in 2024.

Sunny Brow Farm_Retreat Calendar_Green.jpg
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